One of the reasons why Amazon dominates online sales on the Internet is its pricing strategy. Everyone tends to think that Amazon always offers the best price, but this is not true. Amazon always offers the price that allows it to maintain that competitive image only.

If the competition is tough on a product, Amazon will automatically lower its prices to position itself at a competitive price, but if on the contrary the competition is weak, the intelligent price management algorithm will raise the prices in order to strengthen the margin of the American company.

This intelligent price management algorithm allows Amazon to change its prices nearly 2.5 million times a day and this rate is increasing.


An online store must be both competitive AND maintain its margins if it wants to last and grow, and only an intelligent pricing solution such as PRIXAN allows it to take into account all the competition in real time.

It is possible for a site to maintain and develop its market despite the devouring appetite of the American e-commerce giant, but this must be done through specialization and optimal price management.



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