Frequently asked Questions

Confidentiality of the data

Confidentiality is an essential point, we do not share any private information between our customers. All the data we provide you with are public data and freely accessible on the internet.
NO, it is impossible for your competitor to know that you are monitoring his prices. His pricing strategy will therefore not be influenced and you will be able to better understand his behavior. Our robot scans the pages of the competitor's sites in a similar way to the robot that Google uses to rank its search results. No information is shared between our clients even if one of your competitors is also using PRIXAN. The data we display is public data displayed on online sales sites.

Start, rates and conditions

NO, Prixan does not require any installation. No module has to be installed on your site, which avoids any technical conflict. Moreover, no configuration is necessary. You just need to have a Prixan account to be able to follow your competitors. It's as simple as that!
How does payment and billing work?
The payment is made on our site by recording your credit card data in a secure and encrypted way. Your card will be debited monthly for the amount of your subscription and an invoice will be sent to you. You can unsubscribe at any time if you do not wish to be debited anymore.
Is there a commitment period?
No,no matter which subscription you sign up for, there is no commitment period. You can change your offer or unsubscribe at any time.
Can I use the free version without time limit?
Yes, the free version is non-binding and you can use it for an unlimited time.

Features of Prixan

How often are my competitors' prices updated on Prixan?
Your competitors' prices are updated every day, but you are only informed of changes every week if you are using the FREE or BASIC version (weekly summary). With the PRO or EXPERT version, you are informed daily of your competitors' price changes. - The PRO version allows you to receive a daily summary every morning. - The EXPERT version also allows you to choose the time of day when you check your competitors' prices.
What is the limit of competitors I can monitor on Prixan?
Depending on the offer you choose, you can monitor a variable number of competitors, depending on your needs. The FREE version at 0,00€/month: monitoring of 1 competitor. The BASIC version at 39,00€/month: monitoring of 5 competitors. The PRO version at 79,00€/month : monitoring of 10 competitors. The EXPERT version at 129,00€/month : monitoring of an unlimited number of competitors.
YES, as soon as a product is no longer available for sale at one of your competitors, you will be informed by email and you can then decide to increase your prices as long as the shortage lasts. PRIXAN will warn you as soon as the article is back in stock with the competitor.
Can you read the prices on a site where they are hidden?
When a site's prices are hidden, i.e. accessible only with a login and password (e.g. one of your suppliers), we can usually retrieve the information but this depends on how the site was developed. This option is available in the EXPERT version. If you want to know if recovery is feasible for a particular site, please send us a request via our contact form.
It depends on your subscription type: - With a FREE or BASIC account, you receive an alert once a week. The day of this alert depends on the day of your registration. - With a PRO account, you receive our email alert every morning around 9:30 am. - With an EXPERT account, you receive our email alert every morning at the time of your choice.
All prices are displayed by default in VAT but you can set your account to display them in VAT. If one of your competitors displays a price excluding VAT, we automatically add the taxes so that you can see their prices including VAT. This setting can be made in the "My account > Price display" menu
How are the products matched?
Matching is the word used to mean "finding the match" with a competing product. PRIXAN uses an artificial intelligence algorithm that uses semantic and graphical analysis to simulate human behaviour and is able to find identical products on different sites.
I am not an e-tailer, can I monitor my resellers' products?
Yes, Prixan is also designed for brands and wholesalers to monitor their resellers' prices.
I have several websites, do I need several accounts?
With the PRO or EXPERT version, you can monitor all your sites on a single interface. To switch from one site to another, simply select it from the menu at the top right of the main dashboard.
Can all e-commerce sites use prixan?
Not yet. Prixan does not compare prices for travel, accommodation and transport.
I already use a price monitoring tool.
The free version is without obligation and PRIXAN does not require any installation (a simple registration is sufficient). You can use several tools to improve your chances of getting the best information. If PRIXAN seems to you to be as relevant or more relevant than your current solution, you can continue to use the FREE version limited to 1 competitor for an unlimited number of products and a weekly watch, or you can upgrade to the BASIC, PRO or EXPERT version to follow more competitors and have access to the advanced features of PRIXAN.
Does PRIXAN take into account the shipping costs of my competitors?
This functionality will arrive very soon and it will then be possible for you to know and compare the shipping costs charged by your competitors.